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Australia's most loved online eco store. Our core value is to help Australian families reduce their household waste by providing reusable and sustainable products for their home, so they can cut single use plastics out of their life for good!

How It All Started...

A couple of years ago I travelled to the Canadian Rockies and lived in some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. These places strive to be model environmental communities, adopting and implementing innovative programs to protect and enhance their natural environment. I began to realise the importance of protecting the environment, and how easy it was to make small changes in my lifestyle to help reduce my daily waste.

I started using reusable products instead of disposable ones, shopping at bulk buy shops and farmer’s markets instead of big supermarket chains. I hit thrift shops for a new vintage outfit instead of buying fast fashion, which also improved my bank account. My housemates and I started to switch to wood, glass and metal utensils in our house instead of plastic. They were all really easy sustainable swaps around the home, and I wanted to show Australian families how easy it was to ditch the single use plastics consumed most in family homes.

One single person on average generates 1.5 tonne of rubbish per year in Australia. Most of that rubbish ends up in our oceans or landfill, only a tiny percentage of our waste actually gets recycled. All these little changes help reduce your carbon footprint. I want to share these tips and resources with other people, as well as make sustainable products easier to access in Australia.

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Small changes will make a world of difference.

You might think that a few small, personal changes won’t make a difference to the large scale waste generated by the industrial sector. How do we change this? We actually have a lot of power! If we ALL individually change our purchasing habits to more sustainable options, and begin to use reusable products instead of consumables, the big companies will have no choice but to change with us to ensure they stay in business. Social media is also driving corporate social responsibility. These big companies don’t want negative publicity, as they need customers to make money, therefore, our money is our voice.

Start shopping sustainably and use your voice today.

Founded by Jessica Ross in Perth, Australia in 2019. Jessica has a degree in Communications and Marketing, and is currently furthering her education in Sustainability and Climate Change at Curtin University, so keep an eye out for new blog posts on all things sustainable.

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