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Low Rise Period Underwear

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Our Reusable Period Underwear have just launched, and you will love how comfortable they are. Our Low Rise Period Underwear is made out of sustainable bamboo, and have 4 layers of protection to ensure no unwanted leakage or odours. These Period Underwear hold up to 4 tampons worth! So you will remain dry all day and/or night without a worry.

The team here at My Humble Earth feel strongly about helping disadvantaged females have access to sustainable menstrual products, therefore we are donating 5% of Period Underwear sales towards providing Reusable Menstrual Products to female refugees and domestic violence victims here in Australia, through not-for-profit organisation – Zonta.

We recommend choosing 1 size up than what you normally would wear, as the waistband is a little tighter on our low rise period underwear.

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Period Underwear Benefits:

  1. Our Period Underwear hold up to 4 tampons worth, so you can wear them all day and/or night, depending on how heavy your period is.
  2. They are extremely comfortable, and they don’t feel any different to wearing regular underwear.
  3. Our Period Underwear are moisture wicking, meaning you stay super dry all day and night.
  4. These Period Panties are a cleaner way to go to the toilet in public. No dirty fingers, or worrying about where to dispose of your pad or tampon if there is no waste bin.
  5. Our Period Underwear have 4 layers of protection, which helps control odour and prevents leakage.
  6. Our Low Rise Period Underwear are made from sustainable Bamboo, meaning they are super breathable and antibacterial.
  7. Our Period Panties are Eco-friendly and a much better option for the environment than disposable menstrual products such as tampons or pads.
  8. There are no toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing of our Period Underwear, we use plant dye for the colouring.
  9. They are a lifesaver for women with menstrual health issues.
  10. Great for playing sports! There is nothing worse than getting your period mid sports game. Period. Stay safe AND DRY when you play sport, just wear a pair of our Period Underwear when you play your sports game and you will never have to worry about any unwanted leaks.

Gemma (left) wears size XL / AUS 14 and Remi (right) wears size S / AUS 6-8

How does Period Underwear work?

Our Period Underwear have four layers of protection:

  1. Soft bamboo inner layer that is antibacterial, breathable and moisture wicking
  2. Super absorbent second layer, for instant absorption without stickiness
  3. Breathable PUL third layer, that is waterproof and breathable
  4. Leak proof outer layer so you remain dry and odour free


How many hours can I wear my Period Underwear for?

Well that depends on how heavy your period is. Our Period Panties hold up to 4 tampons worth, which is equivalent to 1 day with a heavy period. If you generally use more than 4 tampons during the day, make sure you keep a spare pair of Period Undies in your bag just in case.

Does Period Underwear stain?

We only sell our Period Underwear in black colour, therefore you won’t notice any funky colours if they do stain. To decrease the chance of your Period Underwear staining, make sure you rinse or soak them after wearing them that day or night.

How many pairs of Period Underwear do I need?

That depends on how long your period lasts, and how heavy it is. We recommend changing your Period Underwear each day and night. So if your period usually lasts 4 days, we would recommend 8 pairs of Period Underwear. When your period is light you could easily get away with wearing them for 24 hours.

Can I wear Period Underwear with other menstrual products?

Yes you certainly can. For those with heavier periods, we recommend pairing your Period Undies with a Reusable Menstrual Cup for that extra protection. Our menstrual cups are made from medical grade silicone, can be worn up to 12 hours and last up to 16 years!

They can also be worn with tampons and pads, but in all honestly they don’t need to be. They have 4 layers of protection so you should be more than fine to just wear your Period Underwear by themselves.

Can I wear Period Underwear Swimming?

Unfortunately you cannot wear your Period Underwear swimming. Those 4 layers holding it all in will definitely leak out into the pool. We recommend using a Reusable Menstrual Cup when you go swimming, as you will be fully protected from leaks.

How To Wash Period Underwear:

  1. Rinse your Period Underwear in cold water. You can also soak your Period Undies in a bucket of cold water until you are ready to wash them.
  2. Put your Period Underwear in a wash bag then into the washing machine.
  3. Wash your Period Underwear on a cold wash (around 40 degrees Celsius).
  4. Hang dry your Period Undies. Do not put them in a dryer or iron them.
  5. Do not use fabric softener or bleach on your Period Underwear.

Why are Period Underwear better than tampons or pads?

Better for the Environment and your wallet

Those who menstruate will have approximately 500 periods in their lifetime, and they would use approximately 12,000 disposable pads or tampons during that time. Traditional pads and tampons are filled with single use plastic. They have plastic in their lining, applicators and usually individually wrapped in plastic, as well as in plastic packaging. You can’t recycle used menstrual products, therefore they will always end up in landfill, and take approximately 500 years to break down.

Imagine how much money 12000 pads and tampons would cost… Probably as much as a nice holiday to the Greek Islands! Our Reusable Period Undies are extremely durable, and will last you many, many years.

Less chance of Toxic Shock Syndrome or bacterial infection

There are a couple of brands of tampons and pads made from organic cotton and have less plastic packaging than most. However, they still have a high chance of Toxic Shock Syndrome, they are still disposable and will end up in landfill, and they also don’t stay together very well, so you will be finding leftover cotton all around your lady bits.

The inner layer of our Period Underwear is made from bamboo, therefore it is extremely breathable. When choosing Period Underwear, it is better to steer clear of synthetic fabrics as they increase your chance of Vaginal Thrush and a Bacterial Infection. The more natural and breathable the material, the better!

Great for playing sports!

There is nothing worse than getting your period mid sports game. period. Stay safe AND DRY when you play sport, just wear a pair of our Period Underwear when you play your sports game and you will never have to worry about any unwanted leaks.

Outer Materials: 70% Bamboo Fiber & 30% Vicose
Crotch Materials: 70% Bamboo Fiber & 30% Vicose
Inner Material: 80% Cotton & 20% Polyester; Breathable PUL

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4 reviews for Low Rise Period Underwear

  1. Sarah

    So comfy!! These girls knew what they were doing when choosing this style! And the donation to Zonta. Well done team

  2. Danielle

    I was super skeptical about trying this product as my period has always been on the heavier side. I’ve had my fair share of period horror stories so when I tried these panties I was going in blind and not expecting much. BUT, these panties have seriously changed my life! I wore them halfway through my cycle for 24 hours and there were ZERO leaks. I even had bathroom breaks throughout the day to check if even a little had gone through and to my amaze- absolutely nothing!

    They’re super comfy and they don’t feel heavy or like you’re wearing a big nappy (which was one of my biggest concerns). Plus, I love how these are low rise so I still feel super confident in my undies and bra lounging around the house. Will definitely be purchasing more for future use!

  3. Ash

    So comfy and not bulky-feeling at all! I feel like it solves all problems that come with pads — doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a nappy and absolutely no leaks at all. Plus eco-friendly, which is just a great bonus. Absolutely perfect for everyday wear but especially for sleeping in. I’m used to sleeping straight like a plank on my period in fear of leakage but can finally get some good sleep at that time of the month. So good!

  4. Olivia

    As a woman with endo these undies are a life saver and by far the best on the market! Gone are the days of extra pain caused by other hygiene products and so much comfier than other brands, I can not thank you enough 🙂 already ordering my second 3 pack!

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