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Laundry Wash Bags

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Keep your underwear in their best condition with our protective Laundry Wash Bags. Aimed to protect your Period Underwear, our Laundry Wash Bags will help prolong the lifespan of your underwear, bras and other delicate fabrics. Our Laundry Wash Bags are made from recycled mesh polyester and are perfectly designed to minimise fluffing, seam unstitching, and catching in your washing machine. Fast shipping within Australia and worldwide. Read More

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Mesh Bag

Laundry Wash Bag

One size.
Dimensions: 30 x 40cm
Made from Recycled Mesh Polyester
Our Period Underwear washing instructions are also printed on the Laundry Wash Bags so you don’t forget!


Having your underwear’s, bras and all other delicate fabrics fray, fluff or slowly lose their new condition in the wash is a devastating feeling after a short time – so keeping your Period Underwear protected in a Laundry Washing Bag is an absolute must! Our Wash Bags are the perfect addition for your everyday wash cycle. Aimed to protect your underwear AND washing machine, these mesh Laundry Bags will help minimise fluff and catching. At My Humble Earth, we try to provide you with the most sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to everyday household necessities. That’s why our Laundry Wash Bags are made from recycled polyester, meaning it can maintain the quick-drying, lightweight, high performance functionality that virgin polyester holds. Our Underwear Wash Bags have a zip, ensuring your Period Underwear and other delicate items will not escape during the washing cycle.

The Benefits of Using a Laundry Wash Bag:

Our Laundry Wash Bags help you simplify your washing needs for your underwear’s, bras and all other delicate fabrics. Benefits include:

  • protecting your items of clothing/fabrics from being damaged when washing.
  • Prevents fluffing through the wash.
  • Our Laundry Wash Bag protects lace, satin, strappy clothing and your Period Underwear.
  • Protect under wires in your bras from catching in the machine.

Our Wash Bags are multi purposeful - you can use them to place all your lingerie in when travelling, or to separate your dirty clothing.


What can I put in my Laundry Wash Bag?

Although its main purpose is to help you wash our period underwear (link), it can also be used for your bras, lace, and any other delicate fabrics you may have in your wardrobe! This includes articles of clothing that may pull threads from delicate clothing such as Velcro straps, wiring, and zippers. Our Laundry Wash Bags not only can be used in your washing machine but can also serve as a travelling case for your lingerie- travelling just got a whole lot easier!

How do I use my Wash Bag?

We recommend washing your Laundry Bag in at least 1 cycle before use. After this, simply add whatever lingerie, bra or delicate fabric in the bag, and zip to close. Placing your delicate items inside our wash bag prevents them from getting damaged when you are doing a mixed load or a high spin cycle.

Can you put your Laundry Wash Bag in the dryer?

The answer is yes! In terms of temperature, it should last well on the highest setting, however, keep in mind that all dryers are different and are based on where they are manufactured etc. Start with a normal/medium setting and work from there. We suggest a medium setting to be standard as a safety precaution for your mesh Laundry Wash Bag. PLEASE NOTE – you cannot put your Period Underwear in the dryer.

How to dispose of your laundry washing bag after its lifecycle:

Although your Laundry Wash Bags should last for hundreds of washes, there will come a time when it reaches the end of its lifecycle. Luckily, there are many facilities and outlets that reuse and repurpose old fabrics like our Underwear Wash Bags! Fabric Recycle bins are the most common ways to recycle your fabrics. Places like Terracycle can take in your preloved items, whilst H&M and Zara clothing stores take in your clothes/fabrics you no longer use. Be sure to check your local store in Australia to see if this is available to you. Additionally, for every one bag of Textiles you donate, H&M offers $5 off a $30 purchase in-store! Who doesn’t love a cheeky discount?

Make the perfect pair

Our Wash Bags pair perfectly with our Period Underwear. Although super useful and environmentally better, our period underwear’s require more washing attention than normal ones. But fear not- that’s what our Washing Bags are for! To help keep your underwear in the best condition, simply chuck them in, zip them up, and toss it in. Happy washing!

Laundry Bag Delicates Bag

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 3 cm

3 reviews for Laundry Wash Bags

  1. Jade C.

    A great, sturdy wash bag. Recommend getting one to make sure your underwear stays good

  2. Jade

    I think the text/ image on my bag was printed back to front. It’s a little smaller than I expected, but sufficient for my needs.

  3. Anonymous

    Good sturdy washing bag, with a strong zip. Would like to be able to get different sizes as this is too small for some things and they get a bit crammed in.

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