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Menstrual Diva Cup

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Ladies, let me tell you how one tiny cup can change your life….

I am going to go over the benefits of the menstrual cup in categories because there is just so much to say and it certainly won’t fit in one paragraph.

Firstly, so there is no confusion the menstrual cup is also known as diva cup, silicone cup, period cup, rags cup, feminine hygiene device, moon cup and many more I am sure! This little menstrual cup will sit right next to your cervix and is designed to catch your period rather than absorb it like a tampon or pad does, and if inserted correctly, there will be no leakage and you won’t even feel it inside of you. It is made from 100% medical grade silicone, therefore, it will never break down on you or leech any nasty chemicals.

We sell two different sizes – princess and queen, based on the size of your cervix. If you have a smaller cervix you will need a princess size. Most women who have NOT had kids yet will need a princess size too. Once you have had kids, or just generally a little bit older, we recommend a queen size, as the size of your cervix tends to get a little bigger down the track.

Summary of benefits:

Less money spend
Less waste in landfill
Less smell or odour
You can leave your cup in for a longer time (Average 12 hours)
A healthier vagina
Easier to have sex while on your period

Keep reading for a full explanation of the benefits

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Benefit #1 - Money

Lets start with economics, because money is a BIG issue in most people’s lives and especially at the moment with the world in a recession, we need to be careful with what we spend our hard earned moolah on, and make sure we don’t waste it!

A box of tampons costs around $5 for a 16 pack at the supermarket. Let’s say you use 3 tampons per 24 hours (2 during the day, 1 at night) and your period lasts for 5 days.

Which is pretty much 1 box of 16 tampons per period….. and you have 12 periods per year.

You are spending around $60 per year just on tampons, and I haven’t included you buying liners, pads or sanitary disposal bags either.

You will have your period for roughly 40 years of your life (give or take a couple of years if you have children).

So $60 minimum spend per year on tampons multiplied by 40 years equals…… HOLEY GUACAMOLE $2400!!!!

Okay so 1 diva cup will cost you $29, and let’s say you are clumsy like me and lose it and you need to buy a second, or you had kids and need a bigger size now.

That equals $58 for 2 x menstrual cups, which last you FOREVER. That’s right….. FOREVER.

So already you have had a financial win if you keep your period cups for longer than 1 year, which you will because just in case you need to hear it one more time, you won’t need to buy them again.

Girl you have just saved yourself a minimum of $2342 over your lifetime, which could be spent on so many better things, like ice-cream, margaritas, vibrators, the list goes on!

Benefit #2 – Less landfill

You might think tampons and pads are purely cotton based on how they look and feel, but they are actually composed primarily of plastic. Especially pads, which are generally 90% plastic. Plus, think about how much disposable plastic is in the packaging of tampons and pads, with each item individually wrapped in soft plastic. Some brands of tampons and pads take longer to break down and biodegrade, than the women’s lifespan itself.

A few articles say women will go through an average of 10,000 menstrual items in her lifetime, which will of course all end up in landfill. In many cases tampons and pads are flushed down the toilet, because the women are uneducated or there is nowhere to dispose of them. Flushed tampons and pads can create blockages in sewer pipes and can be very costly to fix.

Our reusable eco-friendly period cup is great for the environment, as it is designed to be ever-lasting, you won’t be disposing of it any time soon. If each and every one of us could save 10,000 sanitary items from landfill, imagine the positive impacts it could have. This is one of the best ways you can reduce your waste and become more sustainable in your home.

Benefit #3 - Less embarrassing odor

When using your menstrual cup, you won’t have to worry about embarrassing funky smells wafting out at the most inappropriate times, since your period doesn’t get exposed to air as it does with pads and tampons. Your diva cup will become your best friend when you go on a dates when it is your time of the month!

And no, you cannot choose the colour… pink is best because guess what colour your period is…. Trust me on this one!

Benefit #4 – longer time in between changes

So if you have a heavier flowing period, you would have to change your tampons every 2-3 hours right? Well with a reusable menstrual cup, if you have a heavy flow you won’t have to empty your cup for at least 6-8 hours, because they can hold so much more liquid than a tampon or pad can absorb. I personally only empty my cup every 8-10 hours, and I consider myself to have a medium flowing period. Which is great for me, because it means I can empty and wash it at my own home. I recommend emptying your menstrual cup either in the toilet or shower.
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Do not leave your cup in any longer than 10 hours maximum because it increases the chance of toxic shock syndrome. It is rare to get this when using a menstrual diva cup but definitely still possible.

Benefit #5 – A healthy vagina

Vaginas are wonderful things, but they can easily get off balance by an array of things. Disturbing your pH and bacterial balance can be very common when using tampons, which can affect you in many ways. Such as giving off a foul odor, or stinging during sex or urination. Vagina’s usually heal themselves but you want to keep on top of your vagina to make sure it is healthy and a neutral pH. The best way to do this is by using a reusable menstrual cup, as they don’t disturb your bacteria or pH at all.

Benefit #6 – YOU CAN HAVE SEX

So apparently it is possible to have sex while you have a period cup inside you, there won’t be any damage because the silicone is so soft and flexible. Personally, I have never tried this, but I would love to hear from some ladies who have and get their thoughts and experiences. I always take my cup out to have sex first, but guess what ladies, as the menstrual cup collects your period from where it first appears at the base of your cervix, there isn’t any blood hanging around throughout the rest of your vagina. Which means it will be a lot less messy than if you were to take a tampon out and try having sex. And 100 times less messy than having sex on your period while only using a pad for liquid collection.

Menstrual Diva Cup Instructions

How to use a menstrual diva cup

Pinch the cup and fold it in half, and insert it inside your vagina with the little tail at the bottom end. Push the cup up as far as it will go, and once you feel the cup hit the top of your vagina, give it a little prod with your finger so the original fold loosens and the cup expands to fit around your cervix. You might have to give it a few prods with your fingers to make sure the top edge of the cup is completely opened up.

Once you take your fingers out, if you can feel the cup at all, you have not got it in high enough, so give it another push upwards with your fingers. It might be a weird sensation at first, but you will get use to your new menstrual cup very soon.

How to clean a menstrual diva cup

So while you still have your period, I just give the reusable period cup a quick rinse with hot water and soap after I empty it. Make sure you run the cup under hot water until all the soap completely rinses off before inserting it back inside you, because you don’t want any soap suds up there!

At the end of your period, you will need to sterilize your menstrual cup. There are many ways you can do this. You will need to find a small bowl you can soak your cup in, and add some boiling water. Then you can either use essential oils or a sterilizing solution (such as one used for baby bottles). I use some lavender oil myself, as it makes the cup smell nice afterwards. Leave your reusable period cup soaking for about an hour in the oil/solution and boiling water, and then leave it to air dry upside down. Ready again for your next period!


Why is my menstrual cup leaking?

There should only be three reasons why your reusable period cup leaks:

  1. It is not inserted correctly and needs to be ‘unfolded’ inside you and placed next to your cervix. Try taking it out and reinserting it again.
  2. It is full or you have been laying down. Only occasionally do I get a little bit of leakage, and generally it means I need to empty my cup! Even after leaving it for 12 hours, it never fills up more than a quarter way. If you lay down, you might get a tiny bit of leakage, this varies from female to female.
  3. It is the wrong size for you. Every female’s vagina is different, and our menstrual cups will fit most cervix’s, but sometimes you just need a different size. We sell both small and large cups, generally meaning the small cup is for before you have kids, and the larger cup is for after you have kids, but that is not always the case. Some females always need a small cup and some always need a larger cup.

Why can I feel my menstrual cup inside of me?

This just means you have not got it inserted correctly, or you need to push it up higher. If you have any abnormalities such as fibroids or a dropped uterus, it might affect the placement of the menstrual cup. Best to check with your GP doctor first.

How do I get rid of the odour when I am finished my period?

Essential oils work best. I use a couple of drops of lavender or Tea tree oil along with boiling water. Ordinary soap will not do the trick unfortunately.

Where to recycle a menstrual cup at the end of its lifetime

There are several places that you can recycle your menstrual period cup.

  1. Home recycling bin - Check your city council’s recycling guidelines to see if you can just put your diva cup in your regular recycling bin. As every city council in Australia has different regulations about what can be put in their bin, you will definitely need to confirm this first. If you can’t recycle your period cup here, there are still plenty of options for you.
  2. At a sex toy shop – Most sex toys are also made out of medical grade silicone, and they need to go somewhere! Lots of sex toy shops have recycling programs and will generally take other medical grade silicone products too, just give them a call or email first to confirm.
  3. At a hospital – as our reusable period cups are made from medical grade silicone, they should technically be allowed to be recycled at a hospital, but again as every hospital is different with their own policies, it is better to contact them first to make sure. They have a lot of their own medical grade equipment to recycle too, so they should have a pretty good recycling system already in place.
  4. Burning your cup – yes this is probably a last resort, as this will be the least environmentally friendly option, but if all else fails with recycling your period cup, as least you can still dispose of it instead of sending it to landfill. Our reusable menstrual cups are made from silicon dioxide, which is not harmful when you burn it as it is basically a combination of sand and glass. It will however produce a small amount of CO2 when burned, but if you weigh it up with how much CO2 you are already saving in the atmosphere from using a reusable period cup instead of disposable tampons and pads that decompose in landfill, it is a huge win!

Specs – Packaging & Dimensions

Small menstrual cup dimensions:
42mm W x 42mm L x 75mm H
20mm stem
Weight: 900 grams

Large menstrual cup dimensions:
47mm W x 47mm L x 80mm H
25mm stem
Weight: 950 grams


Any other questions? Send us an email:

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2 reviews for Menstrual Diva Cup

  1. Danielle

    I was very skeptical about trying this product since I’ve grown up only ever using pads or tampons but this product is a lifesaver- it’s very daunting at first (as you can imagine), however using this menstrual cup saves me so much money and time. I no longer have to worry about running to the shops to grab more pads or tampons. Easily one of the best purchases i’ve made this year!

  2. Alyssa

    At first I was scared to use the cup but after a couple of tries I now feel more comfortable using it. Would 100% recommend ☺️

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