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Period Underwear Multi Packs – Hip Hugger and Bikini Style (Emflower)

(8 customer reviews)


Can’t decide which Period Underwear styles to get? Why not both!

Our Period Underwear are certified organic, so there are no nasty chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Wearing organic Period Underwear is better for the planet, your body and your health. Read our blog to find out why.

60 day guarantee that you will love them, or your money back!


Emflower’s Period Underwear holds the equivalent of 4 tampons.

For light periods: We recommend changing our Period Underwear every 12-20 hours.

For medium periods: We recommend changing our Period Underwear every 9-12 hours.

For heavy periods: We recommend changing our Period Underwear every 7-10 hours.

Emflower Period Underwear will stay in great shape for up to 90 washes (approximately 3 years based on wearing them 2-3 times per cycle), with proper care.

Models are wearing a size XS/6 and 2XL/16




Check out our period underwear absorbency!

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How To Wash Your Period Underwear:

  1. Rinse your Period Underwear in cold water within 24 hours. You can also soak your Period Undies in a bucket of cold water with a little bit of laundry detergent until you are ready to wash them.
  2. Put your Period Underwear into a Laundry Wash Bag that can be zipped closed, then into the washing machine.
  3. Wash your Period Underwear on a warm wash (around 40 degrees Celsius).
  4. Hang dry your Period Undies. Do not put them in a dryer or iron them.
  5. Do not use fabric softener or bleach on your Period Underwear

Brief / Hip Hugger Period Underwear Fabric:

Inner: 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Elastane
Middle: Breathable PUL, 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Elastane
Outer: 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Elastane

Bikini Period Underwear Fabric:

Inner: 80% Organic Cotton & 20% Polyester; Breathable PUL
Middle: 70% Bamboo Fiber & 30% Vicose
Outer: 70% Bamboo Fiber & 30% Vicose


Gemma (left) wears an XL/AU14 and Jo (right) wears an M/AU10


How many hours can I wear my Period Underwear for?

Well that depends on how heavy your period is. Our Period Panties hold up to 4 tampons worth, which is equivalent to 1 day with a medium - heavy period. If you generally use more than 4 tampons during the day, make sure you keep a spare pair of Period Undies in your bag just in case.

Does Period Underwear stain?

To decrease the chance of your Period Underwear staining, make sure you rinse or soak them within 24 hours after wearing them. If you are not doing washing for a couple of days, leave them soaking in a bucket of water with a little bit of laundry detergent.

How many pairs of Period Underwear do I need?

That depends on how long your period lasts, and how heavy it is. We recommend changing your Period Underwear each day and night for heavier periods. So if your period usually lasts 4 days, we would recommend 8 pairs of Period Underwear. If your period is light or you are at the very end of your cycle you could easily get away with wearing them for up to 24 hours.

Can I wear Period Underwear with other menstrual products?

Yes you certainly can. For those with heavier periods, we recommend pairing your Period Undies with a Reusable Menstrual Cup for that extra protection. Our menstrual cups are made from medical grade silicone, can be worn up to 10 hours and last up to 16 years!

They can also be worn with tampons and pads, but in all honestly they don’t need to be. They have 4 layers of protection so you should be more than fine to just wear your Period Underwear by themselves.

Can I wear Period Underwear Swimming?

Unfortunately you cannot wear your Period Underwear swimming. Those 4 layers holding it all in will definitely leak out into the pool. We recommend using a Reusable Menstrual Cup when you go swimming, as you will be fully protected from leaks.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions N/A
How Many

2 Pack, 4 Pack (save 10%), 6 Pack (save 13%), 8 Pack (save 16%), 10 Pack (save 20%)


S / 6-8, M / 10, L / 12, XL / 14, 2XL / 16


All Black, High Rise Black & Low Rise Beige

8 reviews for Period Underwear Multi Packs – Hip Hugger and Bikini Style (Emflower)

  1. Erin

    Best thing ever! I love these so much! I wasn’t sure if I’d love them, but I was pleasantly surprised! I usually wear a size 12 undies, and the Large fits perfect for me.
    I didnt like using washable pads in the past cause they always moved around in my underwear, and not a fan of tampons, so this make things so much easier!
    And they work really well with smell too, without having that disposable pad smell.

  2. Annie

    Love the ease of using this during my period! Super clean and comfortable. Even though I sized up they are still a little less stretchy than anticipated so could have gone another size up for extra comfort. Have noticed they get a little bit smelly after a day so may need to change them more frequently or use in conjunction with another product.

  3. catherine

    The product is good, I purchased one at an expo and loved it so ordered two more from the website – exact same style and size however when I picked up it seems like whilst they were the same model, the packaging was slightly different and one pair did not fit as comfortably as the other pair so had to get rid of them. Other than that though, do recommend, but lost a star for that

  4. Victoria

    So happy with my purchase, I only wish I’d know about them sooner!

  5. Maddie Pantou

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING 🤩 I recently got 2 pairs of the period underwear. So comfortable. No leaks. I’m so over the moon. I can wear them to bed and wake with no stain on my mattress 😂 love them so much.

  6. Victoria

    I absolutely love my period undies! Never has a single product made that 1 week every month so much easier and more comfortable (including chocolate!). I only have to put one on in the morning and one at night and no longer have to stress about taking tampons and pads everywhere. The quality is amazing and they are really comfortable undies that don’t dig in or leave lines.

  7. Kirra H.

    Honestly it’s the best decision I’ve made, I genuinely forget that I’m wearing them as they are so comfortable and they hold so much more than you think! If you’re on the fence about buying some, just do it as you’ll never go back to disposable products.

  8. Anonymous

    I’ve been wanting to try these for ages because of the environmental benefits, but was unsure if they would work as well, or be as convenient as what I was used to with disposal products. I am fully converted. They are comfy, and have great protection for heavy nights when I would normally not want to sleep on my back in case of leakage. They are easy enough to clean, I just rinsed them off in the shower and then chucked them in the wash. I need to get a few more pairs so I can use them for every period day!

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