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Reusable Unpaper Towel


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Zero waste, money saving, and far more effective than disposable paper towel – our reusable Unpaper Towels will make life in the kitchen that much easier. Life can be messy, and you can feel good cleaning up your messes with an Eco-friendly kitchen solution that positively impacts the planet! Made locally here in WA from 100% cotton, our Unpaper Towels come with an abundance of uses and are super easy to wash and reuse again and again.

Each roll comes with 10 colourful Unpaper Towel squares, and clip together with easy-to-use snaps. Our rolls also fit around any paper towel holder, making it easier than ever to lower your waste and ecological footprint in the kitchen. Each Unpaper Towel square also comes with Terry Toweling backing, meaning they have excellent absorbency levels – no mess is too big! Whether you’re using them in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else around the house, our reusable Unpaper Towels have got you covered!

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If you’re anything like us and hate wasting so much paper towel in the kitchen, we have your solution. Introducing our reusable towels with snaps, proudly handmade locally here in WA by small business Seam Me Up. Our reusable towels (or Unpaper Towels, as the cool kids are calling them) are your answer to a more sustainable kitchen, allowing you to reuse again and again, meaning the planet is happy and so is your wallet!


Material: 100% cotton front side, Terry Toweling back side

Shape and quantity: 10 reusable Unpaper Towel squares in each roll

Size: 6x5-inch x 6.5-inch each square

Colour/Pattern: Each reusable Unpaper Towel roll comes with five plain towel squares and five patterned towel squares so you can mix it up in the kitchen!

Good to know: Each reusable Unpaper Towel square clips together with easy-to-use snaps. Our reusable Unpaper Towel roles easily fit around any standard paper towel holder


Are reusable Unpaper Towels sanitary?
Yes, absolutely – just make sure you are cleaning them properly! That means regularly washing them after use with the right temperature. 

How do I clean the reusable Unpaper Towels?
After using a reusable Unpaper Towel, simply chuck in the washing machine in a warm 40-60 degrees Celsius wash.

Are the reusable Unpaper Towels pre-washed?
Yes, all of our reusable Unpaper Towels have been pre-washing to ensure there is no shrinkage and to make them ready to use from the get-go!

How many rolls of reusable Unpaper Towels do I need?
That depends on how many people or fur babies live in your home. For 1-2 people, 1 roll of unpaper towel will do you just fine. If you have several children or pets, we would recommend 2-3 rolls so you always have one on the go while the other one is in the wash.


  • Our reusable Unpaper Towels Rolls are far more efficient than disposable paper towel – made from 100% cotton with Terry Toweling backing, they are much thicker and therefore more absorbent.
  • The thicker material of reusable Unpaper Towels also means they are more effective at collecting dirt!
  • They are a cost-effective sustainable kitchen solution – our durable Unpaper Towels will last you years and years of use, meaning you no longer need to be consistently spending money on disposable paper towel anymore.
  • They are environmentally friendly, you can feel good knowing you are no longer consuming a disposable product manufactured by deforestation.
  • They’re way more colourful than disposable paper Towels! If you have children they will hopefully be more inclined to use them because they have fun patterns.

How To Use Our Reusable Unpaper Towels

To use our reusable Unpaper Towels, simply unsnap a Unpaper Towel square from the roll and use the Terry Toweling fabric side to absorb and wipe up the mess. After use, pop in the washing machine on a warm 60 degree Celsius wash. Hang dry on your washing line, or use a dryer bag on low heat in your tumble dryer.

Once clean, snap the Unpaper Towel squares back together and pop back onto your Towel holder for reuse.

Once ready to dispose of your Unpaper Towels (which won’t be for many years!), you can find special donation bins specifically for old fabrics which are then used for other purposes, such as car insulation or for use in the construction industry. If you’re in Australia, you can check out the Recycling Near You website for further info!

Why Is Paper Towel Bad For The Environment?

Disposable paper towels are contributing greatly to our ever-increasing waste problem. The creation of disposable paper towel requires trees, chemicals, fuel, water, and electricity, resulting in millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. And whilst the manufacturing poses an environmental issue, so does the disposable of them, with paper making up one of the highest percentages of waste materials. In fact, Australia is the largest consumer of paper products per capita in the world, and a big chunk of that is paper towel usage.

To break it down for you, an office with about 50 people working in it will consume around 175,500 paper towels every year – that’s about 7 trees, and that is just in one office.

By choosing our reusable Unpaper Towels, you are prioritising our planets well-being and helping sustain our environment. All of our small choices made on a daily basis to use disposable items such as paper towel, straws, and cups add up; choosing reusable Unpaper Towels is a way to save trees and ultimately help save the planet!

Ways To Use Our Reusable Unpaper Towels

Any way you would usually use a Unpaper Towel, you can use our reusable Unpaper Towels. The possibilities are really endless:

  • Cleaning up messes in the kitchen
  • Drying hands after hand washing
  • Using for other household cleaning, such as cleaning in the bathroom or cleaning surfaces, including windows
  • Keeping produce fresh in your refrigerator bins, containers or reusable food pouches (if you’re looking for more sustainable kitchen must-haves, check out our amazing reusable silicone ziplock bags here); simply line the container with 1 or 2 Unpaper Towel squares and let them absorb all of that annoying moisture that causes fresh produce to rot!
  • Use as quick and easy dish covers when heating leftovers in the microwave to avoid splatter
  • A handy surface for your cutting board to stop it from sliding all over the kitchen counter
  • Storing your important cookware, including cast iron pans – simply stack with our reusable Unpaper Towel to avoid damage and scratching
  • And many more!

Looking for other ways to create a sustainable kitchen? Check out our kitchen range, including our plastic free start kit!

Have you tried our reusable Unpaper Towels? Tag us on social media to show us how you’ve been using them!

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 cm

Pink pattern


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